October update…

It’s October! Module 1 is just about done with finals coming up next week. The Chicago Marathon is coming up this Sunday in which I’m super excited but a little worried since I hurt my IT band on an 11-miler a few weeks ago and I’ve been taking it easy for a few weeks now. However, that hasn’t stopped my Ultimate Frisbee binges in which I have 2 Intramural Ultimate Frisbee matches this week. Team Krannert vs. The Aero Engineers!

Interviews are underway also and definitely looking forward to interviewing with more marketing/consulting companies. It’s been pretty busy the last few weeks and I’ve been desperately trying to keep up with my RSS reader but SEO bloggers blog 4-5 times a day and when you follow 25 blogs, it’s hard to keep up with all the articles. So besides skimming through Football blogs, Investing blogs (still kicking myself for selling NFLX at $129 when I got in at $114), and Technology Blogs, I try to read at least 10-15 good SEO articles a week.

… Watched “The Social Network” yesterday and it was awesome. I really enjoyed it. The guy who played Mark Zuckerberg did a fantastic job. I saw “The Town” last Friday and alas I fell asleep through part of it. I thought it was good early on but it kinda dragged in the middle.

More updates later… time to work on another marketing proposal for my GA!

Amazing! New way of text messaging!

I love technology and I love how there are so many innovative companies. I have to admit though, often when something comes out that’s pretty innovative, more often than not you might think to yourself, “it’s about time someone came out with something like that.”

I have to say that Swype is pretty amazing though and the idea is so simple but in my opinion super innovative. I’ve never been really good at texting, even with my iPhone since I still don’t hit the right keys often with the touch screen but with this, I think it just changes the entire landscape of texting. It’s like how much better T-9 was for regular phones than the standard way of texting back in the day.

Site revisions

I’m currently utilizing WordPress as my CMS and it’s been pretty awesome for basic updates and such. However, I’m trying to do some site redesign and learning PHP and combining it with CSS has been pretty difficult. It seems in order to do some very specific things on changing up layout requires pretty decent knowledge of PHP… something that I’m still very inexperienced with.

Goals this summer

As my first post of my new blog, I’ll mention my few goals this summer:

1. Finish a few SEO books that I’ve been meaning to read
2. Learn more about investing and to invest wisely
3. Continue to train for the Chicago Marathon and to start averaging a < 7:00 minute mile training pace (currently around 7:35)
4. Get more involved in the SEO and investing blogging communities
5. Perfect my forearm throw in Ultimate Frisbee