Mmm… I might train for this Half-Marathon

San Dieguito Half Marathon

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A buddy of mine told me they were going to run it. Since it’s back in San Diego, it might be a good excuse to fly back and visit them.

I gotta say though, whoever made this map wasn’t really thinking…

San Dieguito Half Marathon Course Map

If I end up training for this… definitely not looking forward to running in the winter since I’ll be running outside mostly since I hate treadmills… Brrr….

Final mile time trial for 2010

5 minutes, 25 seconds.

First lap 1:15 (75s)
Second lap 2:35 (80s)
Third lap 4:00 (85s)
Fourth lap 5:25 (85s)

Conditions: 30 degrees, light wind

Since I’ve been training mostly for distance, it’s not too bad of a mile time. I guess I’ll have to do more speed work next year to really knock that time down. Funny how I ran a 4:58 when I was 15 years old…

Mile time trial results

Ran a mile time trial yesterday at the track yesterday. It was pretty windy and I was still pretty stiff from the other day’s 5K. I started the day wanting to do a 7 mile run but after my first mile (7:32) it started sprinkling and that combined with the cold was not something I wanted to put myself in for an hour since I didn’t want to possibly get sick from running in this weather. I’ve been really curious about my mile time since the half-marathon results and decided to just go for it.

First lap was 1:22
Second lap was 1:20
Third lap was 1:28
Fourth lap was 1:20
Total: 5:30

I’m definitely happy with that time given all the training I’ve done since May of this year and I figure I could probably shave off 5-10 seconds if conditions were better and I wasn’t as stiff. Earlier this summer, around mid-July, I did a mile time trial and clocked in at 5:44. I have to say that the Garmin watch has really improved my running times since I can pace myself better and it’s a good way to push yourself if you’re running slower than you thought you were.

I’ll probably do another one this week… hopefully it’s not too cold.