Garmin ForeRunner 110… Amazing!

I just purchased this watch at Runner’s Forum in Carmel, Indiana and used it for the first time on a run and it’s incredible.

I’ve always wanted to see what pace I was keeping when running and this watch’s GPS technology is really accurate and is so useful on those “tempo runs.” In addition, you can download your run’s stats onto your computer and it will tell you your pace throughout your entire run. I was able to see exactly where I picked up my pace and where I dropped off and how bad the hills were on my average pace.

I love useful gadgets and I’m really looking forward to using this watch again.

Garmin ForeRunner 110 Watch

Chicago Marathon recap

Ran the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday. Finished in 4 hours, 58 minutes and 54 seconds. It was a good race and I was running with a friend who was raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation so it was a lot of fun just running together and encouraging one another during the race.

Overall, I felt pretty good during the race. Mile 14-15 was probably one of the most painful miles I’ve ever done but after that, I felt the pace we kept up was comfortable. Thankfully my IT band didn’t hurt at all during the race and cardio-wise I was fine. I think my only struggle was that I wasn’t used to the extreme foot/quad fatigue you would experience after mile 20 so it took a little to get used to but overall, the last 6 miles weren’t too bad besides the heat which was pretty brutal (80+ degrees fahrenheit!). It was a great experience and I’m really glad I got to participate in the event!


I would have to say the biggest reason I decided to train for and run the Chicago marathon was because it was on 10/10/10. I was on my way to the Chicago airport for my study abroad trip to China this past March when I got a text or call from someone about the Chicago marathon and they noted that it was on 10/10/10… when I heard that, I was sold. I mean, I ran cross-country and track in junior high and high school, so the idea of training more miles a week for a longer event didn’t seem to bad. Also, 10/10/10 is just fun to say, when people ask, it’s always nice to say “it’s on 10/10/10.”

I haven’t run a marathon before so I’m not sure what to expect but I am confident that if my IT band doesn’t hurt during the race (hopefully it’s fully healed by now), I’ll be fine and I might be able to do somewhat decent near the end. I’ll start pretty slow and see how I do as the race progresses.

I got my marathon gear all ready and I head for Chicago tomorrow morning. It’s going to be quite the weekend because the day after the marathon, I’ll have an all-day interview and then I have a final the following day. Thursday afternoon at 4:15 PM will be a good day when I’m done with my last final for module 1!