BlizzCon Tickets info

Blizzard began selling BlizzCon tickets at 1:00 PM by 1:02, the queue was around 20,000 people (i.e. likely sold out).

I kept refreshing at 12:59 PM and got in once it hit 1:00 PM and I was still 600th in queue. So just a FYI for people looking to purchase tickets in the future, you need to be on the site immediately or you will lose out.

How to Beat Shao Kahn with Raiden in Mortal Kombat (PS3)

The final boss in Mortal Kombat 9 is Shao Kahn and you have to use Raiden to beat him. After way too many attempts, I found the key to beating Shao Kahn is understanding his attack recovery times. When Shao Kahn attacks with his hammer (throws/slams the ground) or kicks, his attack recovery time is slower than some of his other attacks and he also can’t counter your attack. I’m sure you’ve tried teleporting after he throws his spear but the problem with that is, sometimes he can counter your uppercut and once countered, he generally combos you for a large chunk of your health bar. The best way to beat Shao Kahn is to use Raiden’s teleportation ability to your advantage when Shao Kahn is recovering from an attack.

Here’s a few notes about Shao Kahn and how to beat him:

  1. Shao Kahn’s recovery time from a spear attack is faster than his hammer throw, therefore he can counter your teleport/uppercut combo
  2. When he taunts you, I’d teleport and use Raiden’s Special L2+R2 move here
  3. You can avoid Shao Kahn’s special attack and save 52% of your health bar by simply teleporting out of the way

Fantasy Baseball and stuff

With my MBA basically done (1 final left!), I’ve had a bit of free time, so recently I’ve really gotten into Fantasy Baseball. Actually, I find it more interesting than Fantasy Football because it’s day-to-day as opposed to weekly.

I also purchased my first video game since Call of Duty: Black Ops (which I still haven’t beaten yet)… Mortal Kombat for the PS3. To be honest, the graphics are pretty disappointing. I play on my 720P projector so the screen size is about 70-80 inches and so far compared to the other PS3 games I’ve played, I just think it was either rushed or they really need to hire some new graphic artists. The gameplay is decent but the storyline is really bad. I really think they could have made it a lot better, it’s just silly I think.