Going to the Bears/Packers game!

I was really fortunate to be able to get tickets at face-value from Ticketmaster since I was one of the first few hundred (thousand maybe?) callers to call in or something. Super excited about the game, it should be good. Go Packers!

Seahawks Fans at a Bears Game Aftermath

So I went to the Seahawks vs. Bears Divisional playoff game yesterday and it was a lot of fun.

However, a lot of Bears fans aren’t very nice (some were really nice… one actually gave us glove warmers). We brought a “12th man” banner and we actually got on TV twice but apparently Bears fans weren’t very appreciative of our banner… Our little banner lasted until early into the third quarter when while we were eating our food, someone took it and tore it up…

12th man in Chicago!

Poor sign 🙁
Bears Fans tore up our sign!

Haha, nice boat

I just went on a cruise to the Bahamas during winter break and the NCL boat was nice. But… look at this boat! (It’s still just a concept, but it may possibly be made)

super nice boat

compared to NCL’s…

NCL Norwegian Jewel

Sad day for the Colts… Go Seahawks/Packers and Jets!

After the Colts lost today :(… I’d love to see the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl but that’s really unlikely (it’s 100:1 odds for Seahawks to win it all, compared to the next lowest of 35:1 for the Chiefs), so more realistically, I’d love to see the Packers play the Jets in the Super Bowl this year.

To add… what a horrific 2nd half for the Colts. No run defense, horrible coaching, #10’s ridiculous mistake, no TD’s. A hard fought season is now over, kinda nice since so much went wrong this year and it was really painful to watch but also it’s really sad since the Colts rallied so much in the last few weeks.

Colts Horse Shoe