Roof on the Wit Sucks (Reviews)

If you’re ever in Chicago, I do not recommend going to this place. It’s just a bad experience overall. The wait to get in takes forever. The host does not know how to work with patrons and has zero customer service skills. Plenty of other bars in town, I’d pass on this one.

14 miler recap

Ran 14 miles this past Saturday and it was pretty brutal. I think it was the 3rd most painful run I’ve ever run (San Dieguito Half Marathon and Chicago Marathon being the first two). I woke up late and I decided to just run at 11:00 AM to get it over with. Bad idea especially since it was 81 degrees or so when I started running. Thankfully it wasn’t too humid but it was still nonetheless pretty hot. Started with a 9:20 mile and then picked it up a little to about a 8:55, then I kind of went back and forth like that for about 10 miles. I brought a Gatorade with me that I placed near a McDonald’s after 3 miles in and then ran through a few neighborhoods and such until I hit 7 miles and then turned around. I really hate running in Bloomingdale since there aren’t many long trails so I just have to make up routes that involves crossing busy intersections which is annoying.

Anyway, after I hit mile 11 mile or so and I get back to McDonalds, I’m drained due to the heat. I go to McDonalds and get a water and then I pick up my Gatorade and keep running. Mile 11 to mile 12 was just awful since I was dehydrated and I walked a little to try to hydrate with my Gatorade. Anyway, mile 11 ends up being a 10:00/mile pace but after that slower mile, I felt a little bit better and I just wanted to get the run over so I picked it up. I finish my last 2 miles around a 8:00 to 8:30 a mile pace and finish 14.02 miles at 2 hours 7 minutes and 9 seconds which averages out to a 9:04/mile pace.

I’m pretty proud of having run 14 miles since this is the furthest I’ve ever run training by myself. I definitely need to pick up some speed though since I ran a 4 miler all-out tonight and barely broke 29 minutes (28:45). My training has been mostly at 8:00 to 8:30 mile paces with my long runs hovering around 9:05/mile. It’s weird, just this last year, I was training around a 7:30 to 7:45 mile pace, it’s so crazy how much can change in a year… This week is an easier week, so a 7 miler and a 5 miler for Wednesday/Thursday and an 11 miler on Saturday. Next week I’ll be running 15 miles for my long run and the following week 19 which will be my longest run before I start scaling back my miles to let my body recover a bit from all the pounding.

Chicago Marathon Training Week 3: Progress Updates

I’ve been training for about 8 weeks now for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. The first 5 weeks were ramping up weeks where I just ran to build up some base miles. The past 3 weeks I’ve been doing 20+ miles at faster paces and I’ll max out at 34 miles the week of September 11. It’s been definitely quite the experience trying to stay committed to a running program while working 60+ hours a week. However, I can honestly say that the progress has been surprising and encouraging.

After I blew the San Dieguito Half Marathon in February with an abysmal 1:56:06 (20+ minutes slower than my PR of 1:35:44 at the Monumental Half Marathon), I kind of stopped running consistently for about 5 months. When I started running again, it was surprising to see how much endurance I had lost. I barely could do more than 3-4 miles at an 8:30+ pace and I just wasn’t feeling very good after any run. I’ve gotten now to the point where I can do 7 miles at an 8:00/mile pace and still have a decent amount of energy leftover. It’s definitely been a good experience so far in regards to training for this upcoming marathon.

Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon with a friend and clocked in a little under 5 hours. This year, hoping I stay healthy for the next 7 weeks, I hope to break a 3:30:00. If I end up doing that, I’ll probably register for the Monumental Half Marathon and really push to see if I can get close to breaking 1:30:00.

Tomorrow’s another long-run. 12 miles, my longest so far in my 10 week training program (first few weeks were just to get miles in) for the 10/9/11 race date. The goal is to stick to a 9:15/mile pace.