3.33 years later…

Couple of Highlights:

  1. Two kiddos (girl/boy), turning 3 and 5 this year
  2. Broke a 1:30:00 Half Marathon, PR is now: 1:29:09
  3. Broke a 3:20:00 Marathon, PR is now: 3:11:45
  4. Bought a 2021 Tesla Model 3 RWD (Finally parted ways with my Toyota Yaris after 15 years)
  5. Launched Recreation Insider in December 2018
  6. Passed the Series 65 (Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam)
  7. Started a personal finance blog
  8. Built a few mining rigs to mine Ethereum (this was a fun project)
  9. Lived in the same home for nearly 6 years now (this is a record for me)
  10. 10 Year Anniversary of moving to Chicago coming up on May 1st

Some Career Highlights:

  1. Joined Sprout Social in October 2016 and helped grow the business from the marketing front which eventually led to a successful IPO in December 2019
  2. Joined Wyzant as their VP, Performance Marketing in September 2019 and helped turnaround the business that ultimately led to a successful exit (acquired by IXL) in February 2021
  3. Joined ShipBob as their VP, Demand Generation in June 2021

Couple of Goals in the Next Few Years:

  1. Qualify for the Boston Marathon (Need to break a 3:05:00 marathon)
  2. Break a 5 minute mile in 30’s/40’s (did it once when I was 14)
  3. Travel to Scandinavia, Ireland, Switzerland, Patagonia, Taiwan
  4. Beat the market’s average return the next 5 years
  5. Help scale growth at ShipBob to potentially IPO

New Years Resolutions

Back in 2008, I had this goal of developing an app but I just got busy with other things that I never ended up doing it. Well 8 years later, as a New Years Resolution, I’ve decided to commit to learning how to develop an app. I have a basic programming background… how hard could it be (hah).

2016 New Years Resolutions:
1. Learn how to develop an iOS App
2. Break a 1:30 half-marathon time
3. Break a 3:20 marathon time
4. Read 15 books