Pull ups!

So in early January, I could only do 3 pull ups but since then I’ve been trying to increase my reps and after about 1.5 months of training, I can do 10+. My goal is to be able to do 25 straight in the next 6 months or so.

The search for a Kindle…

Trying to buy a Kindle 3G before I go on my cruise tomorrow morning. So far it looks like all the stores are sold out… tried Target, Best Buy and Staples (I never knew they were selling them).

Final mile time trial for 2010

5 minutes, 25 seconds.

First lap 1:15 (75s)
Second lap 2:35 (80s)
Third lap 4:00 (85s)
Fourth lap 5:25 (85s)

Conditions: 30 degrees, light wind

Since I’ve been training mostly for distance, it’s not too bad of a mile time. I guess I’ll have to do more speed work next year to really knock that time down. Funny how I ran a 4:58 when I was 15 years old…

Mile time trial results

Ran a mile time trial yesterday at the track yesterday. It was pretty windy and I was still pretty stiff from the other day’s 5K. I started the day wanting to do a 7 mile run but after my first mile (7:32) it started sprinkling and that combined with the cold was not something I wanted to put myself in for an hour since I didn’t want to possibly get sick from running in this weather. I’ve been really curious about my mile time since the half-marathon results and decided to just go for it.

First lap was 1:22
Second lap was 1:20
Third lap was 1:28
Fourth lap was 1:20
Total: 5:30

I’m definitely happy with that time given all the training I’ve done since May of this year and I figure I could probably shave off 5-10 seconds if conditions were better and I wasn’t as stiff. Earlier this summer, around mid-July, I did a mile time trial and clocked in at 5:44. I have to say that the Garmin watch has really improved my running times since I can pace myself better and it’s a good way to push yourself if you’re running slower than you thought you were.

I’ll probably do another one this week… hopefully it’s not too cold.