Behold! My 2011 Chicago Marathon Times!

So after over a year of waiting, I was able to finally get my 2011 Chicago Marathon times from my Garmin watch. All it took was me getting the brilliant idea of e-mailing Garmin the actual file and asking them to fix the file. Last year I just simply asked a question as to why the file wasn’t uploading correctly but never actually gave them the file.

Here were my individual mile splits:

Franklin Kuok 2011 Chicago Marathon Split Times

I can now definitely see why I hit the wall after Mile 16. I ran miles 7-11 way too fast, especially Mile 11. I also exerted a lot of energy at the beginning since I started in the Open Corral and was stuck with the 10:00/mile pace group. It’s really interesting to see actual individual mile times and I remember at Mile 21, right around Chinatown I was just drained. Miles 21-25 overall were not pleasant, I remember those being quite painful and exhausting. I’m surprised that I had any energy left at the end to finish the last half mile at an 8:00/mile.

Team World Vision – 2012 NY Marathon

This year I’m running for Team World Vision in the NY Marathon as I believe World Vision is an amazing organization that helps provide hope for thousands of Children in Africa.

My goal is to raise a little over $1,000 for World Vision. As I’ve already raised $500 for the Chicago Marathon, I’d like to try to raise a little over $500 for the New York Marathon. I am so very excited to be running for Team World Vision as I know all the money raised will be changing lives forever in Africa. If you’d like to donate, you can visit my personal page on the Team World Vision website.

3rd Chicago Marathon Finished!

10/10/10, 10/9/11, 10/7/12 – all done!

What a great race! I love this Marathon! Today’s weather was the best in the past 3 years (~35 F at the start, finished around ~52 F). However, I think a lot of my friends were not ready for it as most of us by halfway had some muscle tightness given that it was such a warm summer and no one was expecting this kind of cold weather. It was actually cold throughout most of the race and I’m glad I wore a long-sleeve plus a t-shirt.

I went to a World Vision dinner the other night and was totally inspired and I’m going to see if I can raise a few hundred dollars for the NY Marathon I’m running in November. For those that don’t know, World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that helps children & families in need. So definitely consider Sponsoring a Child to make a permanent difference in their life!