First Training Entry – Week 1 – 10 miler along the lakefront

Base Miles (10 weeks): 135.25 miles – 18:47:19 (8:20/mile)
Week 1: 23.56 miles – 3:08:56 (8:00/mile) | Last run: 10.02 miles – 1:21:57 (8:10/mile)

I’ve been training for the past 2.5 months and have gotten in about 135 base miles before week 1 of an 18 week training program that mixes Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Marathon training program with World Vision’s training program. Today was the last day of Week 1’s training and I ran with Team World Vision on a 10-mile long run. The weather was amazing and everyone was in high spirits since we finally got some reprieve from the scorching Midwest heat that we’ve been experiencing for several weeks now.

Having been training at about a 7:45 to 8:15/mile pace for my standard runs prior to my long-run I figured I would do around an 8:30 to 8:45/mile pace. That wasn’t the case, at all. In fact, the weather was perfect, 73 degrees or so with a cool lake breeze and I felt really good throughout the entire run. I ended up doing 10 miles at an average pace of 8:10/mile going at what I thought was a pretty easy pace (60-70%). It was a solid run for everyone and there was a great sense of running camaraderie.

The route was nice too, since having just moved to Chicago just a little over 2 months ago, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out too many routes yet. We ran to Navy Pier and then looped back and went 3 miles west of Castaways to the “Totem Pole” and back. It was pretty breezy and the waves were making some big splashes along the path which was fun and amusing.

Days like this remind me why I run and go through a pretty regimented training program in the summer to get ready for a Marathon. I love how you can run and explore different parts of Chicago and when the weather is nice, it just makes everything better! 17 More Weeks to go!

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