How to back up and transfer your Microsoft Exchange e-mail account from one computer to another

Since I’m graduating from Purdue, I will no longer have access to my Exchange account after a few months so I wanted to know how to backup all my files since I organize all my e-mails.

After reading a few websites that gave little hints here and there, but nothing fully comprehensive, I decided to write this blog article so it will tell people how to do it.

Note: This process will remove all files from your Exchange server to your Personal Folder. Only do this when you’re done with your Exchange account.

With Outlook 2007:
1. Go to Tools –> Account Settings
2. Click on the “Data Files” tab and click “Add…”
3. In the dialog box that pops up, click on “Office Outlook Personal Folders file (.pst) and click OK
4. Find a folder to place your .pst file and then click OK. This .pst is your Personal Folder for your e-mail
5. Close the Account Settings dialog box
6. Now go to your e-mail and drag all of your Exchange e-mails to your Personal Folder
7. Close Outlook 2007 fully
8. Find the place where you saved your .pst file and drag it to a jump drive or copy it to a CD/DVD
9. Copy the .pst file over to the other computer
10. Open up Outlook 2007 on the other computer
11. Go back to Tool –> Account Settings
12. Click on the “Data Files” tab and click “Add…”
13. Find the .pst file you just copied over
14. Click OK and close out the dialog boxes
15. Your files should now be fully transferred