AT&T for another two years

I bit the bullet and renewed my contract with AT&T for two more years, 12/26/11 to 12/26/13. I must say the iPhone 4S is pretty incredible and iCloud is pretty awesome.

Which… Smart Phone & Carrier?

My two year contract is up with AT&T finally and now I’m in the market to pick a new phone and to potentially switch carriers… There’s a few issues though, first, I’m grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited data plan and I really don’t want to give that up since I think 2 GB will go really fast. Next, I want to switch to Verizon since I hear coverage is better (well, it has to be better since AT&T in the Chicago suburbs is terrible). Funny, prior to switching to AT&T, I’d never heard of a “dropped call.” Now “dropped calls” have become a part of my daily life…

The problem with Verizon is that I really want to stick with the iPhone but the 4S is a 3G phone which means it doesn’t support “Talk and Surf” unlike the other Verizon Droid phones which are all mostly 4G enabled with the super fast LTE network. Finally, the Droid Phones are pretty awesome I hear and ridiculously fast, also they allow some great features like the HDMI cable output and the micro-SD slot, both are really useful features but at the end of the day, it’s a Droid vs. iPhone and I hate to say it… but a lot of my important stuff is Apple heavy :(.

To that point, iPhoto is amazing and iTunes is pretty damn nice and I also own a piece of shit MacBook that lasts for two hours on a good day (they marketed 7 hours when it first came out… my ass, lol) which is helpful when using Apple products. I have yet to find something as nice as iPhoto and iTunes on the PC but then again, perhaps I’m “tunnel visioned” and refuse to look for something better since I’m used to it. Also, I’m so used to the iPhone that switching to the Droid just seems like inconvenience that I’m not sure if I want to deal with. I’m sure the learning curve is pretty fast, plus I’m wicked smart so I’m sure I will catch on pretty fast, but I gotta say, Droid’s UI isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Apple’s UI, I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Droid’s UI is clean, but Apple’s is “better.”

Decisions… There’s so many other finer points I need to figure out, such as cost, the company discounts I can get with either carrier, text messaging, etc. Damn you Apple! Why couldn’t you just release a 4G phone and make my decision a lot easier!

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Computer Fast

Time to take a computer fast. I’ve been spending way too much time surfing the internet and wasting time watching TV.