Pull ups!

So in early January, I could only do 3 pull ups but since then I’ve been trying to increase my reps and after about 1.5 months of training, I can do 10+. My goal is to be able to do 25 straight in the next 6 months or so.

Call of Duty Multi-player fee?!

My answer to this article


Paying $60 for a game is enough, let alone having to pay $5/month or whatever. I mean, if COD were like a MMOFPS (which it’s not), then maybe but still, besides an MMORPG, I just don’t think it’s worth paying a monthly subscription… Also, if you’re an XBox 360 user, I would feel totally ripped off after having to pay for XBox Live. I have a PS3 and so COD is free for multi-player but I definitely wouldn’t pay $5/month to play multi-player and I used to be a pretty hardcore gamer too.

No Gatorade, but Plenty of Sangria!

I ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon yesterday and wow… most painful race, ever. I didn’t feel half as bad in the Chicago Marathon in which I ran twice the distance… Granted, I hadn’t run for about 3 weeks due to the cold in Indiana but I just didn’t think it would have that much of an impact on my performance.

A recap of the race:
-55 degrees or so at the start, my hands were pretty cold until mile 3, by the end it was 75 degrees or so
-I’d say at least 50% of the race if not more was uphill. Seeing how I hardly do any hill training, that was really bad.
-I started the race with a 7:15 first mile and then a 7:26 mile the third mile was almost entirely uphill and so I hit 9:30 and after that, the race went downhill from there
-At mile 1.5, there was a lady dressed like the Queen of England and said, “If you’re running the 5K, turn around now.” Odd.
-At mile 3, they offered Sangria, I thought they were kidding but they were serious after I took one sip. I seriously thought it was just “Sangria” in the disguise of red Gatorade or something. Nope!
-Every mile marker was hand-timed as opposed to a big digital timer
-My right foot went number for miles 5-8
-At mile 8 to 9 or so, there was a turn around, and that was just weird to see people running the other direction
-Mile 10 or 11, more Sangria. No sign of Gatorade still after 10+ miles.
-Mile 12, Beer or Water, I had a bit of both just for fun
-Mile 12 to 13.1 was the most painful and long mile I’ve ever run… I was TRYING and I was running at a 11:45 per mile pace. My arches were shot and every step was excruciating.
-Mile 12.0 to 12.8 was nearly all uphill
-I had 0 kick left at the last 150 meters or so, I was just utterly dejected from the race
-I had a lot of orange slices and banana slices after finishing, they were seriously the best oranges I’ve ever tasted
-After finishing 13.1 miles, in order to get back to our cars, we had to climb another hill that was at least 3/4 to 1 mile long and with a pretty steep incline
-First race that I’ve seen offer chili to its finishers
-Free Activate Drinks, I got lime
-Not a single trace of Gatorade or its logo or anything the entire time I was at this event
-Final time was around 1:56:07

It was definitely a humbling race. I think God was teaching me some humility since after Chicago and the Indy half, I felt fine and I was pretty non-chalant about being able to finish these races. I mean, after the Chicago, I was definitely sore and in pain but not even close to the extent that I was in pain from the San Dieguito Half.

It’s going to be mid 40’s to 50’s this week in Indiana, assuming my body heals up in the next few days, I think I’ll start training again and maybe I’ll find another half-marathon to run soon.

San Diego here I come!

I haven’t been back to San Diego since my friend’s wedding back in November 2009. I’ve lived in Indiana basically since December 2007 and this year is definitely the coldest winter I’ve experienced in quite some time so… warm weather is very welcome! From the looks of it, San Diego will be sunny for the next 5 days with temperatures in the low to mid-70’s. Given the fact that I haven’t really trained for the past 3 weeks due to the weather and completing the Boston Legal TV series, I think I may just run with my buddies on Sunday for the San Dieguito Half Marathon. We’ll see how I’m feeling and what they want to do. Either way, I’m super excited!

amazing san diego weather