Chicago Real Estate Pricing Matrix Spreadsheet

I’ve been looking for some real estate in Chicago and I noticed that assessments (HOA fees) were extremely high in some properties even if the price was reasonable which wasn’t even a consideration when we first set our maximum price range but made a huge difference in our potential monthly payment.

I decided to build out a matrix using Assessments as the y-axis and cost as the x-axis and then made a model to determine what was affordable based off interest rates, our maximum monthly mortgage payment (including escrow), insurance, etc.

Here’s the Chicago Real Estate Pricing Matrix Spreadsheet if you’re interested in using this spreadsheet model. ┬áHere’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Chicago Real Estate Cost Matrix


How to Add a Line Break within an Excel Cell

I finally figured out how to add line breaks or go to the next line within an Excel cell.

*drum roll*


I thought SHIFT + ENTER would be it since it’s used a lot in Microsoft Word, but apparently it isn’t. So for all you people who have been trying to figure out how to add line breaks within Excel cells, look no further!