Tech stuff that I use a lot and stuff that I want to make my life easier

Everyday, I carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go. Not really for the phone/texting part but for the e-mail part. As a Krannert MBA student, I get a lot of e-mails about group work, events, job stuff, etc. Therefore, that little beeping sound my phone makes when I get an e-mail has become a large part of my life since there are a lot of important e-mails I need to go through everyday. Also, the ability to check stocks, listen to music, surf the internet, make international calls through Skype, and other stuff is awesome.

At school, I bring my laptop with me everyday. I have a Dell 700M (12″ monitor, 1.7 GHz, 1.25 GB RAM, 40 GB HD, 855GM Chipset), yes, it’s old, but it’s so reliable and it still has about 4-5 hours of battery life even with wi-fi on. I have a MacBook that I purchased February 2008 but it turned out to be a big bust in terms of battery life. I refuse to carry around a laptop that I need to plug into an outlet within an hour of using it. So basically, my MacBook has become a $1,200 digital photo frame because iPhoto is amazing. I also use it for iTunes which seems to work a lot better on a Mac than on a PC.

My Garmin Forerunner watch is amazing and I love it. It has changed my running ability and I love the graphs that are shown that tell me where during a run did I slow down or speed up.

Stuff I want
-I want an E-Reader similar to the Kindle but more versatile. The iPad is nice but there are still some features that it is lacking that I’m really hoping the iPad 2.0 will have. I like the Kindle’s e-ink though and the lack of glare. I also want more textbooks on the E-Readers and the ability to use your finger to highlight stuff (You may be able to do this already, but I’m not sure).
-I want a portable external monitor that’s tiny and can somehow expand or something. I use 2 monitors at home right now and the benefit is priceless. I wish I could have something compact that I could attach to my laptop.
-I want a phone thats digital camera is similar to a real digital camera… I love taking pictures but I don’t like bringing my camera with me. Essentially, I want a lot of features to be consolidated into the phone. In an ideal world, my phone would have the ability to expand into a laptop and the ability to be compacted to a standard iPhone size. Then I won’t have to carry my laptop with me anymore and my phone can do anything.

Dell 700M
iPhone 3GS

iOS 4 upgrade crippling to iPhone 3G?

Yahoo! has an article about a woman suing Apple for the iOS 4 upgrade to her iPhone 3G.

I personally think the article does bring up a good point that no one really wants to consider since it makes Apple look like the bad guy but I’m sure that there was extensive testing (at least I would hope there was) done on the iOS 4 upgrade on specific iPhone models and probably on the iPhone 3G, performance was “barely” up to par and Apple figured, if people didn’t like it, they would just buy a new iPhone 4. Apparently this woman thinks that the performance wasn’t good enough and is now suing. I’m curious to see where this lawsuit will go since I had a few friends who had iPhone 3G’s and had upgraded to the iOS 4 only to get extremely frustrated with their phone’s performance under iOS 4 and decided to just buy the new iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 versus iPhone 3GS

Amazing! New way of text messaging!

I love technology and I love how there are so many innovative companies. I have to admit though, often when something comes out that’s pretty innovative, more often than not you might think to yourself, “it’s about time someone came out with something like that.”

I have to say that Swype is pretty amazing though and the idea is so simple but in my opinion super innovative. I’ve never been really good at texting, even with my iPhone since I still don’t hit the right keys often with the touch screen but with this, I think it just changes the entire landscape of texting. It’s like how much better T-9 was for regular phones than the standard way of texting back in the day.