What a Day – New All-Time High

Yesterday was insane 🥳


Market opened without a ton of movement besides $FUBO being up a lot due to their plans to acquire Vigtory which should allow them to speed up their sportsbook plans.

Then a half-hour later, it was like a chunk of my portfolio was holstered to a 🚀 because $ETSY, $DOCU, $SFIX, $FVRR, to name a few, all went crazy. I was looking for news, but I couldn’t find anything major that caused a lot of the internet retailers to all surge besides this a Seeking Alpha post that suggested it might be due to the COVID headlines.

I know $ZM announced a share offering AND that their Zoom Phone product hit 1 M seats which is huge since this is supposed to be a growth driver in 2021 per their last earnings call. I’m excited and I remain very long on $ZM.

Portfolio Update

I hit an ATH today which is about 3 weeks after my last ATH on December 22. I’m up ~16% YTD, we’ll see if this market rally continues but no complaints.

My trades

I closed out a syn long call on $SFIX to raise more cash and closed out a bunch of deep out of the money put writes that were expiring in the next few months to free up margin.

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