Bing ranking algorithm and CTR

Search Engine Land just confirmed with a Bing employee that Bing utilizes CTR as a ranking factor. I think that’s interesting since CTR can be a good indicator as to how useful a page is. Granted, often CTRs are largely contingent on strong meta tags and title tags are but nonetheless, it can be useful. However, another view could be that people clicking on overly optimized title tags and meta tags could be clicking on links that lead to poor content and it may just lead to bad content but strong rankings.

First Page Google!

So I started Krannert MBA just a few weeks ago and with mostly on-page SEO and minimal linkbuilding, I was able to get to page 1 of Google. On Yahoo! and Bing surprisingly I’m #1 and #3 respectively but even so, I get hardly any visits for the keyword term “Krannert MBA.” I also am pretty well ranked for some other keyword terms on Yahoo! and Bing but again, not much traffic which is pretty surprising.

Overall, I’m still working on content for the site and linkbuilding and the goal is to overtake Krannert as the #1 listing on Google. Seeing how they have insane domain authority and thousands of links… it’s going to take awhile, haha. On another note, I’m still working on trying to get on-page SEO for a buddy’s friend’s site done. It’s taking a little bit since I don’t have total control of the site but I am highly optimistic that with enough linkbuilding and completion of our on-page SEO, we can at least get to top 20 on Google since the keyword difficulty isn’t too bad.