How to track the number of keywords going to your site with Omniture SiteCatalyst 14

In Google it looks like there’s a fairly easy way to track the # of keywords that go to your website. You simply go to Organic Search and when it shows you the keyword listing, at the bottom right, it shows something like this (where “KWs” is the # of Keywords going to your site):

Google Analytics Number of Keywords

In Omniture SiteCatalyst 14, it’s not as intuitive. You need to go to “Traffic Sources” –> “Search Keywords – Natural” and then at the bottom left, where it says “Go to page:” in the form type in an arbitrarily high number such as 1,000,000 and Omniture will return the maximum number of rows (basically, the number of keywords that go to your site, assuming you don’t have keywords that passes page 1,000,000):

Omniture SiteCatalyst 14 Number of Keywords

If you happen to want to separate brand vs. non-brand, you could pull a report on your brand and then subtract the number found in that report (generally smaller than your non-branded) from the total number of keywords to get your non-branded count.