iPad iOS 7 SEO Referrer bug has been FIXED

After over a year of channel misattribution issues with Direct-to-Site and SEO due to the referrer strip that Safari caused on the iPad since iOS 6, on Tuesday, October 1st, the referrer strip issue was fixed on iOS 7 (This has not been 100% confirmed on iOS 6.x but at least for iOS 7.x it’s been fixed per my screenshot below):

iPad iOS 7 screenshot of SEO referrer bug fix

It’s not a 100% fix as it doesn’t show the parameters after the referrer, but at least Omniture can attribute it as SEO and not DTS. Thanks for the fix Apple!

iOS 7 SEO Referrer Bug for iPad NOT FIXED

Today is September 18th. The day that Apple promised us iOS 7. Just about a year ago, Apple released iOS 6 that caused the referrer to be stripped from Safari Google queries which caused SEO traffic to become attributed as DTS traffic.

Back in late July it was announced that iOS 7 beta and a retro fix for iOS 6 for iPhones made the referrer not get stripped but for iPads there was still the referrer strip issue which misattributed SEO traffic.

iPhone iOS fixed referrer bug
iPhone Safari Referrer issue fixed

Well, today, I hadn’t seen any major updates about iOS 7 and the iPad and I wanted to see if the issue was fixed since at my company we’ve had a lot of marketing channel attribution issues due to iOS 7 and after waiting patiently for nearly an hour for my iPad 3 to install iOS 7 (not to mention watch iOS 7 eat 3 GB of my precious “32 GB”), I eagerly tested out Safari and alas, when I went to Whatismyreferer.com the result came back as “Hidden.”

I am truly frustrated since I was really anticipating a fix for the iPad as the iPhone was fixed back in July and marketing channel attribution issues are misleading and frustrating.

iOS 7 SEO Referrer not fixed on iPad
iPad Safari Referrer issue not fixed 🙁